“There is a Genius in every child, it just needs to be nurtured and developed.”

Any decision on your child’s future is a big decision.

We are offering parents the chance to book a 30 minute session with award-winning and Forbes featured Elaine Cunningham-Walker – mother of two of the brightest minds in England.

Elaine is an educational strategist and founder of the Elite Mums Network, she helps navigate the complex system of finding the right educational pathway for their child to thrive.

What’s included?

In your 30-minute session with Elaine, you will explore the best education options for your child and help you make informed decisions on your child’s future.

For just £97, Elaine will explore themes such as:

  • Your child’s individual skills and interests
  • Preparing for your child’s education
  • Finding the right school or university for your child

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